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Posted Feb 16, 2007 at 10:43:27 AM
Subject: LD AND ADD?

hi all,
Just a breif overview of my life so far...
Growing up I was mainstreamed, in speech and vocational classes but able to be apart of the "normal" classes too. I was qualified for 504 and ws able to get through school. Though I feel I did get a good education, I do not feel that it helped me in anyway with College, now as a Jr. I am struggling and having a heck of a time focusing, etc (like it has been my whole life.) Since I know I have reading, math and comprehension issues, as well as time manegments issues, I know that ther is more to this... Could I have ADD? As suggested by a questeionare test I am led to beleive that I may have this problem. I am not receiving any help from school with my LD (I have always thought it was not holding me down until I got suspended) and I know that it just has to be more. My grades have never been good, as my GPA got me suspended. Now that I am back in school, I have to figure out what to do. Also, I am married for over 8 years now. And have always been disorganized more at home than workplace, school etc; yet disorganized in each place I go. I am just trying to get my life on track so I can finish waht I have started 8 years ago... Yes it has taken this long... I have LD, BUT I am very determined to make it and get my degree. My husband is very supportive but has always had issues with my disorganization, and then he will help me get it together and about a week later it is a disaster allover. OK, Who should I see, what should I do? I am struggling here.

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