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March 2007 Webinar::"Equitable, Effective and Meaningful Gra

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Subject: March 2007 Webinar::"Equitable, Effective and Meaningful Gra

ANNOUNCING MARCH 2007 ADVOCATE ACADEMY WEBINAR::"Equitable, Effective and Meaningful Grading Practices for Students with Disabilities" presented by Dennis D. Munk, Ed.D.

Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Time: 2:00 to 3:30 PM ET (1:00 to 2:30 PM CT, 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM PT)

Cost: Affordably priced at just $60.00. Your purchase provides participation in the live event (via conference call and the Web) plus unlimited access to the Webinar archive and related materials. Participants also receive a complimentary copy of "Solving the Grading Puzzle for Students with Disabilities", a $35.00 value.

Online ordering: http://www.advocacyinstitute.org/shop/Webinars.html

>>About the Webinar

Evaluating and grading student performance is a complex and controversial practice for all students, but is especially so for students receiving special education services. The challenges associated with grading students with disabilities often raise a variety of questions:

> Shouldn't grades be based only on how much a student has learned?
> Aren't grading adaptations just another way to "water down" the
general education curriculum so that students with disabilities can get higher grades?
> Is if fair to use grading adaptations for some students?
> How can grades re reported to truly communicate effort and

This presentation will describe common issues and concerns regarding grading students with exceptionalities, including increased risk of low or failing grades, and the indiscriminate use of special grading procedures that may not be useful. Strategies for assessing the accuracy, fairness, and usefulness of grades and grading systems will be described, as will a process for making appropriate grading adaptations.

Time is allotted for Q & A during the Webinar, so you can ask any questions you have.

>>About the Presenter

Dennis D. Munk is Professor of Education at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Special Education from Northern Illinois University. From 2001-2003, Dr. Munk directed research funded by the U.S. Department of Education on grading strategies for students with disabilities included in regular education classrooms. He has published several articles, a book, and a resource binder on the topic of grading issues and strategies for students with disabilities.

>>Space is limited. Easy, secure online purchasing of this event is
available at: http://www.advocacyinstitute.org/shop/Webinars.html

Archives of all previous Advocate Academy Webinars are available for purchase. Check out http://www.advocacyinstitute.org/shop/Webinars.html
for purchase information.

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