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living with ADHD(tell your own stories,tips,and experiences)

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Posted Mar 17, 2007 at 7:14:52 AM
Subject: living with ADHD(tell your own stories,tips,and experiences)

i was reading through some of the things that other people had written, and i thought to myself, these topics are all well and good for parents trying to care for their kids, (don't get me wrong, it's great that parents are sharing) and not very much from actual people stuck right in the middle of it.
now, i am 15, and have ADHD. and not many people understand what it's like for someone with ADHD. so i though maybe this would be a good way to talk about experiences you have had if you have ADD/ADHD, and talk to some other people who are dealing with the same kinds of things, and who are more likley to understand where you are coming from. personally i find it hard, when things are particularly bad, to find someone to talk to who would actually get where i was coming from. so hopeefully this can be a place to come to vent a bit of pressure that comes with ADD/ADHD, such as lack of concentration, school work problems, or even people making fun of you or treating you negativley because of it.
so if you need somewhere to talk to people like you, or know someone who you think needs to talk... then hopefully this will be of some help.

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lor=blue][/color]new to site.I'm a.d.h.d.parent,partner,and probably 1000 other titles,lol,medicated and gett'n through each day,although sometimes i wish i could delete a few years or 20.Finding it hard to express myself here,but I'm glad I found a site I can return to and not feel so out of place.:)

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