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Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Reading program

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Posted Mar 18, 2007 at 9:36:20 PM
Subject: Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Reading program

I am currently using the Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Reading program in a public school setting. I am finding it difficult with the time constraints of the periods and all the assemblies to fit in all the activities that would benefit the children. I also have one student in the class that is not using the program and is on a different grade level than my other three. So I find myself running back and forth because OG is so teacher centered. Is anyone else using this program in a special ed. resource room? Do you find you never have enough time? Any suggestions on time management would help greatly? Or help with managing two grade levels in the same time period while doing OG. THANKS!

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Posted:Apr 01, 2007 9:36:53 AM

I have used Orton Gillingham and Lindamood-Bell in a resource room setting for many years. It always seems that there are a few kids in each class period that don't need same intervention. In that case, I find something meaningful, but independent, for them to do while I work with the group that needs the Orton intervention. Then, I work with the other group while the OG group listens to an on-grade-level novel through headphones. The comprehension strategies for the novel are done with both groups together.

We can dialogue more if you would find it helpful.

Susan Long Reading Specialist

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