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Posted Mar 20, 2007 at 4:14:06 PM
Subject: Teaching Advice - Adults with LD-Vocational Education

I am a cosmetology instructor in Eastern Europe and currently have a 30 year old student who has problems with organizational and visual-spacial skills. As an educator, it becomes challenging for me when this student does not remember the order events in a procedure (ie facials, massage). My school provides many tools such as textbooks/diagrams to our students (plus much of our work is hands-on anyway)....but this student has difficulties keeping up with their classmates and consistanly forgets information from one day to the next. I have approached them and given them new ideas, such as highlighting such information in the textbook in different colors with little pictures, reading new information aloud when they are at home (like a children's librarian would), and working things in small sections (such as massage movements). All of which they have no interest in doing or say they do anyway at home...which is not working here.

Any new creative suggestions of activities that this person can do to help the situation outside of classes (we are work in groups of 10 and have a intensive schedule).....???? Thanks a bunch.

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