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ADDA Offers Teleclasses on Coping with Adult AD/HD

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Posted Apr 05, 2007 at 2:02:07 PM
Subject: ADDA Offers Teleclasses on Coping with Adult AD/HD

Learn How To Cope With Adult AD/HD With ADDA's Spring Teleclasses Starting April 16th: Knowledge Is Only A Phone Call Away

Beginning April 16, ADDA is offering a series of 12 teleclasses, open to anyone with a telephone and a willingness to learn, that will present effective strategies for handling these everyday challenges. The hour-long teleclasses are free for ADDA members and $10 per class for non-members.

Teleclass participants will learn ADD-friendly ways to organize their lives, discover how to be more productive at work and be able to ask questions from medical and AD/HD professionals about any aspect of AD/HD.

Well-respected experts in the medical and mental health fields, as well as AD/HD professionals that work with adults with AD/HD will explain how people can successfully cope with issues in the workplace, in college, and in relationships, as well as explore parenting from an AD/HD perspective. Teleclasses are appropriate for adults with AD/HD, parents with AD/HD children, educators, medical and mental health professionals, other AD/HD professionals and interested members of the general public.

Registration is now open online at www.add.org for the teleclasses.

ADDA Spring Teleclass Schedule (all classes are from 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET):
-April 16th: Everything You Wanted to Know About AD/HD But Forgot to Ask, with Terry Dickson, MD

-April 18th: ADD-Friendly Ways To Organize Your Life, with Judith Kolberg, Professional Organizer

-April 23rd: Too Much Muchness- Master Your Day, Desk and Deliverables, with Leslie Robison, Professional Organizer

-April 25th: Paper Paper Everywhere and No Place to Sit, with Linda Anderson, AD/HD Coach and ADDA President

-April 30th: AD/HD and Relationships: We Can Both be Happy, with Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA and ADDA Board member

-May 2nd: Self Care- Walking the Talk, with Roberta Fortune, The Spa Lady

-May 7th: Here We Are-Now Educate Us! Strategies to Assist Students with AD/HD in their Transition to College, with Tracey Rush, MS, College Advisor

-May 9th: AD/HD and Marriage: A Survival Guide, with Arthur Robin, PhD

-May 14th: Love Your Life, Yourself and Your Kids- It’s Possible!, with Kristi McClanahan, AD/HD and Parenting Coach

-May 16th: Getting Your Bills Paid on Time, with Sally Palaian, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

-May 21st: Workplace Productivity and AD/HD, with Victoria Ball, M.Ed., MCC, ADD Career Coach

-May 23rd: Medication Combinations for Adult AD/HD and Co-Existing Psychiatric Conditions, with David W. Goodman, MD

For more information on ADDA, visit www.add.org or call (856) 439-9099.

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