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Possible Misdiagnosis

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Posted Apr 06, 2007 at 3:06:23 PM
Subject: Possible Misdiagnosis

My son was recently diagnosed with Dyslexia, written language disability, and auditory processing difficulty after many years of wondering what is wrong...he's now 8 years old. Our concern is that he is misdiagnosed and possibly PDD-NOS. He has problems with socialization (as do LD kids), he used to head bang and he does hand flap when excited. We went to the Dr to rule out Pdd-NOS but with a education eval they came up with the above diagnosis. I can understand why they may say that but I also see a lot of ritualistic behaviors and intolerance to change. I also found info on Pdd-nos that says that children with this condition has trouble with comprehension of speech, memory, and and auditory processing...they are generally visual learners. I feel as if there is a good chance that there is a misdiagnosis here and kind of feel silly to question the dr...the facility we took him to is considered the "gold Standard" for diagnosing Autism and if they say its not...who am I to question. But the handflapping and screaming out for no reason and even sensory issues...does anyone with a child with LD have similar behavioral experiences? Thank you for any input you may be able to offer.

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Posted:Apr 06, 2007 4:20:10 PM


Your post appears to say that the doctor evaluated your child based on the information the school gave them. However they need to do an A-DOS and diagnose him from the DSM-IV. Did they do an ADOS on him? If not then they did not diagnose him correctly.

Honestly, if you gut tells you that he is autistic then I would seek out another doctor to do the diagnosis. Check into a developmental pediatrician who understands the autistic spectrum disorder. Our gut is there for a reason, rather you over do things then not do anything and later kick yourself for not getting your son into therapies that can help his issues. Early intervention is key.

Remember not all doctors got "A's" in medical school. No one person is an expert. Seek other assistance.

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