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Parent w/ Auditory Processing Deficits...

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Posted Apr 09, 2007 at 7:43:32 PM
Subject: Parent w/ Auditory Processing Deficits...

I work for a community mental health agency in South Central Los Angeles and I've just completed an intake for a child who has speech and language deficits, however what I also realized during the intake interview with the parent that the mother has a speech deficit and from what I have evaluated, an auditory processing deficit as well. Prior mental health reports on the child do not report anything about the mother having a difficult time verbally communicating and understanding the what the child's therapists or case managers are trying to communicate with her. Though I have worked with parents who have described their own history of developmental and/or learning problems, I have not encountered a caregiver with an auditory processing problem in which verbal communication is as big of a challenge as this one. Keeping in mind that the child qualifies for services to be paid through MediCal due to the family low socioeconomic status, does anybody know of any programs or possible resources that I can use to help this child's mother? Any referals would be helpful.

J. Miyamoto

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