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List of best jobs for a young man with nld?

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Posted Apr 12, 2007 at 5:53:03 PM
Subject: List of best jobs for a young man with nld?

Can anyone suggest a job that might be good for someone with NLD? We have figured out about 7 or 8 that are not good (through experience), but can't seem to find ones that are. any suggestions would be appriciated.

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Posted:Apr 13, 2007 9:06:34 AM

No suggestions for specific jobs, sorry. But, you might first look at what the person enjoys doing and what he/she is "good at." Then, look at jobs requiring/utilizing those skills sets. As a teacher and the parent of children with fairly significant LDs, the daughter of a man with severe ADHD, and the wife of a nice man with moderate LDs, I speak from experience. I also have moderate LDs myself. My children have all finished college and all have jobs they enjoy (BTW, a good bit of trial and error occured along the way, for all of us).

Start with the positive, and go from there.


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Posted:May 01, 2007 12:49:59 PM

Hello parent:

I assume your son is finished high school. You might consider contacting your state's Vocational Rehabilitation Services. They may be able to help with some skills training for a job.

Is your son able to run a cash register? This opens up a number of job opportunities. My daughter who is very bad at math did master making change from the cash register. She now works as a crew chief in a fast food restaurant. Her husband who also has learning disabilities now works as a janitor cleaning our local merchant mall.

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