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found my group

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Posted Apr 24, 2007 at 12:27:47 AM
Subject: found my group

Im very glad I found a group that might
understand me. I was label has ''asperger'' but
I never believe I really had ''asperger'' because I didn't
seemed as smart as the average asperger person. I always thought I was a freak being asperger but seemed
to behind that group,it made me almost kill myself, it
was the worst time in my life, I hated myself, I thought i was retared and believe I was a loser. So
i started to do some research on the computer and I start to read about ld, and I notice many similiar condition it had to asperger,mostly behavior,social skills, but what got to me, was how LD not only have same behavior/social skills has asperger but they seem
to have more learning problems(like i do) then the average asperger people. So Hopefully, i can be accepted and be happy. I now consider myself having LD, then having asperger.

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