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Please help! Need Math Resources...

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Posted Apr 26, 2007 at 7:21:14 AM
Subject: Please help! Need Math Resources...

HI all,
I am new here, and need some very inexpensive cds, books or dvd(or any good names) that I can use to reteach myself maths. Software is preferred though.
I was never diagnosed with LDs in school, but allllllways had them.Math was the very worst.
I need basic math skills, percents, fractions, decimals, etc. Nothing more than mastering those.

Does anyone have a short list to share with me I could look up on ebay maybe? And, I don't care if it's children's software or books! I just want to grasp maths so I can move myself ahead.

Please email me at natamonworld@yahoo.com
if possible also.

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Posted:May 01, 2007 12:42:38 PM

Hello Nat:

I find math is one of those areas that often takes some help from a tutor. But for starters I would go to a store in your area that might carry some math cards like basic addition , subtraction, multiplication , and division. Sometimes grocery stores or bookstores carry these cards. Start by making sure you can do these things from memory. These basic things have to be really learned before you can tackle things like percent. After you get these things down pat see if you can get a college student or high school student who can tutor you in some other basic math.

James Nuttall -- Michigan

Jim -- Michigan www.geocities.com/jnuttallphd

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Posted:May 04, 2007 4:22:03 PM

The keys to math series are cheap workbooks, which are easy to selfteach, and which cover the areas you describe. If you need more depth, I can recommend Singapore Math text and workbooks

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