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help I do not know what kind of job I want

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Posted May 09, 2007 at 6:49:53 PM
Subject: help I do not know what kind of job I want

Hello everyone,
I am having trouble finding a job because I have Dysphasia. It's Understanding language and having hard time comprehending meaning to language. What kind of job can you get when you have dysphasia? Iam just wondering.

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Posted:May 28, 2007 1:34:03 AM


I understand how you feel. I have the same LD as you do. This is what i would do. This is the way it works, since you have a disability you are entitled to free state services.

The place to go is where unemployed people go to get retrained. I live here in Washington state and they have a center for this in Tacoma. I bet they have one there too. I would call them and schedule to be tested for your aptitude and skills. This is covered at no charge since you have a disability. You will need to have proof of your disability. Your doctor will refer you to a specialist.

Once you take the test, you will be scored for different occupations. I would get together with a career counsler to schedule additional classes in that field or secondary fields. Go where the jobs are.

This process should take on the outside of a month. Some advice when dealing with state agencies. Be persistent, get phone numbers, call more than one or two times and get the advice and direction you deserve.

Good Luck

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