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Volunteers to help a Special Education Major

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Posted May 23, 2007 at 4:32:58 PM
Subject: Volunteers to help a Special Education Major

Hi! My name is Kourtne and I am a special education major. As a requirement for a class I am currently taking, I need to interview atleast two different parents who have a child with any of the following disabilities:
Learning disability
Severe/Profound disability
Social-Emotional disorder

The interview consists of questions that pertain to whether or not the student currently performs a variety of pre-selected functional skills. Some examples include if the student has learned how to take out the trash, clean laundry, or dust furniture.

The interview is relatively short and would take just a few minutes of your time AND BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! If you wouldn't mind to help me, please contact me via email:

Thanks so much!

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