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Posted Jul 09, 2007 at 4:18:39 AM
Subject: ADHD Questionnaire

Hi my name is Lisa Sanford andI am a BTEC Early Years student studying at Queensmead School in London. I am currently researching ADHD and how it affects people’s lives.
If you may fill out my questionnaire, please do. All information is confidential, and if you do notwish for others to see your answers, you may email me your results at
thank you

1. Do you or your child suffer from ADHD?

2. Has you or your child been diagnosed with ADHD, if yes at what age?

3. Are you or your child male or female?

4. Does another member of your close/direct family suffer from ADHD? Give Details (e.g. what relation)

5. Have you or your child found it hard to make and keep friends?

6. Did you or does your child struggle at school?

7. Have teachers at yours or your child’s school been sympathetic to yours or your child’s behavioural problems?

8. What symptoms have you or your child shown?

9. At school did other children ‘stay away’ from you or your child because of your/the child’s behavioural problems?

10. How has your family life been affected by the problems with ADHD?

11. Do you or your child have problems with sustaining relationships with none family members?

12. Do you or your child get any help at school/work? If yes, what help is give/available?

13. Have you or a member of your family had/have problems finding work as a result of suffering from ADHD?

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