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Doubletime on law exams??

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Posted Jul 24, 2007 at 1:05:45 AM
Subject: Doubletime on law exams??

I'm hoping someone out there with ADHD in law school can tell me whether my request for double-time on law exams is too 'extraordinary'. I received timeandahalf but this was not enough for me to finish. My Dean denied my request unless my psychologist specifically reccommends I get double-time but my psychologist says he doesn't see why I would need double-time. Isn;t the fact that I can't finish exams and I have ADHD reason enough?!? It's very important to me because I study my a off and it seems the only thing keeping me from decent grades is lack of time on my exams due to my ADHD and processing problems. I entered law school with a full scholarship which I lost and now I am barely keeping from failing out due to this problem. Any suggestions or similar issues? Thanks.

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Posted:Aug 20, 2007 9:19:04 PM

I don't have ADHD (officially), though I do have some attentional issues (my last eval said I cannot do tasks requiring sustained attention, but for some reason, it did not use the term ADHD). Anyhow, due to a number of issues, I get 50% more time on multiple choice or objective exams. When it comes to exams requiring essays or calculations, I get 100% more time. I am supposed to get a distraction free environment, but the tutorial services are all closed at the college I attend currently (my undergraduate college had no such issues, but then I took classes during the day then).

I would talk to the disabilities department of your school. If you are studying and unable to finish your exams in the time and a half they give you, they should be willing to accomodate you. How did this work when you were in high school?

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Posted:Aug 21, 2007 8:00:30 AM

Get a friendlier psychologist. He may look into seeing if you can get some help from a neuro developmental psychologist who is used in diagnosing such things as ADHD.
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Posted:Dec 10, 2007 10:01:09 AM

Hello Laura M:

Are you at a private or public law school? Does your law school have a disabled student services dept? Normally they are the ones who decide on the amount of extra time for a test. The standard is usually time and a half.

Is it a private psychologist that you have or a school psychologist?

Has your psychologist seen your grades and does he know about the loss of your scholarship?

Is this the same psychologist that you had while you were an undergraduate?

If he is the same psychologist and all that you needed was time and a half before, then he might be thinking well, she just wants more time than she actually needs to make sure she gets an A.

Can you provide us with some more information?


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