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Pros and cons to having an LD

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Posted Aug 11, 2007 at 1:27:20 AM
Subject: Pros and cons to having an LD

I was diagnosed with a learning disability as a child and dealt with it by repeating the first grade, attending summer school, taking resource classes in elementary school, and writing everything with a computer. Recently I decided to learn a little more about my disability which I am guessing is Dysgraphia (writing disability). I am not sure anyone ever stops being learning disabled but I do think that if you play your cards right and suffer through enough schooling that you can reach a point where it no longer impacts your day to day life.

I was looking at two web sites, http://www.ldinfo.com/gifted_ld.htm, and http://www.ncld.org/content/view/367/404/ which discuss the pros and cons to having an LD. The NCLD article lists advantages of LD include: Creative Problem-Solving, Outgoing Personality, Strong Compensatory Skills, Persistence, and Empathy. We all posses some of these traits and I think it is important to find jobs which take advantage of them. I work as a Business Analyst who sets up complex software to run large companies which is challenging and gives me a lot of personal satisfaction. I think that the problem solving, persistence, and empathy skills heightened by my LD have made me better at my job. However, I also think that there are many “simpler” clerical jobs out there that I would be horrible at.

I would like to know how other people feel about their disability and how it has hurt and especially, how it has helped them.

BTW, I am 28, have an MBA, and never reveal my LD to an employer.

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Posted:Aug 20, 2007 5:19:48 PM

I have LDs. The advantages is I know how to work hard, I understand my students who have LDs as well as those who are gifted in math or science (I teach both). I would not consider myself the most outgoing person in the world, in fact, I used to be painfully shy. However, I do have empathy.

I do not, however, have patience for kids who have no learning issues and simply don't want to try because they feel learning is a waste of time.

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