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Conflict --> Stress --> Confusion

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Posted Aug 29, 2007 at 3:38:40 PM
Subject: Conflict --> Stress --> Confusion

I was just curious if this is common - -
I have ADD and one of the symptoms is that I am very disorganized. (NO, I know that's common... read on, please!)

If I stay CALM and RELAXED I can make an effort to control the behaviors, BUT... my wife often gets upset and starts getting hysterical - - when this happens, I find that it makes the problem worse because from the stress I become less focused and make more messes. (My request of her: We should make house rules, when I break the rule, calmly remind me... also we need to participate in therapy together.) -- In addition, when I become stressed my brain literally turns to mush and I feel very confused and the ADD behaviors become severe... For example, I might ride my bike to the supermarket and walk home without it... then think it was stolen... or lose my keys while I'm holding them. But if I am calm and relaxed I realize that I need to take mental notes of things... For example I know that I need to say to myself: "This is my bike. I am parking it here. I have to go back to this place after I finish shopping. I will remind myself to get my bike when I leave the supermarket" or "This is my key. Now that I have locked the door I must put it in my right pants pocket right away." - - However, if I am yelled at or experience stress, my mind becomes so mushed I become confused and can't do it...

Is this just my experience or a common ADD thing?

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