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Posted Sep 30, 2007 at 10:10:43 PM
Subject: Foss Science

Has anyone every heard of Foss Science. Looking for a science for LD child.

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Posted:Oct 03, 2007 5:17:46 PM

I believe that we use Foss kits at our school. They would NOT work for home schooling. I don't know of any specific science programs designed for kids with LD. From your other posts, it sounds like you are home schooling. Rather than trying to find specific LD programs that fit the individual areas, I would look into programs designed for home schoolers. There are several science programs designed for that purpose, that take into account the fact that most homes don't have a lab filled with science equipment (Apologia is one I have heard highly recommended). I just googled "Homeschool curriculum", and got over 2 million hits in about 4 seconds. Find a program that matches your child's ability level. There are home school programs that push children even harder than public schools, as well as ones that focus on learning the content, and so what if they finish gr. 12 a year or so late, as long as they understand what they have learned. Find one that fits with your philosophy as well as one that both you and your child would be happy with. You can find curriculums for specific subject areas as well as ones that cover all subject areas. I realize from your previous posts that you are planning on using Lindamood products, but look at other reading/LA materials as well; Lindamood isn't a complete program, just designed to hit target areas.

If you buy a complete package you can be assured that it addresses all areas in a cohesive fashion, rather than trying to piece something together and realizing 6 months into it that key areas are missing. These companies have done the research that goes into putting quality programs together so you don't have to; use their ideas.

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