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Math U See questions?

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Posted Oct 01, 2007 at 7:23:55 PM
Subject: Math U See questions?

Is the video for Math U See primarily for teaching the parent??? If so is it beneficial to show it to the student?? Is this program complicated to use or fairly self expainatory??

Has anyone heard of Math It??? What do you think about it if you've used it???

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Posted:Oct 03, 2007 5:03:57 PM

Hi ~ I posted about MUS earlier under another one of your posts; I forget which one. My best advice is to log onto the web site (www.math-u-see.com)- there is a ton of information there; you can also order the free demo DVD. That gives the programs philosophy as well as some sample lessons from (I believe) each level. From the home page there is a "Click here to join the Yahoo! MUS group" link. I highly recommend that you do that ~ your questions have been discussed there many times, and there are many parents who would be thrilled to help you. Yes, depending on the age of your son/daughter, many parents do let their children watch the DVD; regardless of age, most of the posters have said that their children enjoy watching Steve Demme. Parents NEED to watch it with their children, regardless of age, or at the very least preview it before their older children watch it so that they are familiar with what has been taught in the lesson. The DVD is NOT designed for a child to use 100% independently; MUS's expectation is that the parent is the teacher, even if the child is able to do the majority of the lessons independently. The lessons on the DVD are short; most are no longer than 5 minutes, although the high school level ones might be longer. The customer service folks as well as the state reps are also very helpful at answering questions of folks considering the program. You can find the contact information on the web site. I am using the Gamma and Delta levels successfully with LD kids in grade 6.

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