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Kids 7-12 needed for ADHD research!

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Posted Oct 02, 2007 at 11:49:50 AM
Subject: Kids 7-12 needed for ADHD research!

Kids 7-12 Needed for Research
Participate in research studies on the brain. Boys and girls who have ADHD, or who have no diagnosis (normal controls) can earn $10/hour and have an educational experience at Georgetown University’s Cognitive Neuroscience Lab. Please call 202-687-9133 or email georgetownkids@yahoo.com for more information.

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Posted:May 22, 2008 1:50:34 PM

Ummm no. You don't own other people's children. This is unethical to state what you will pay as you are paying for a service the fee should be dictated by those who have it to sell, not by someone who makes a 7 figure income off of what you learn studying us... How much do you make for each speaking engagement where you talk about this research??? I would guess more than 20 times what you are offering an hour. Probably significantly more. Nono... I think we need a union as we are being taken advantage of.

It is not for the client or customer middle man to spend a penny and then turn around and make a 200% proffit on reselling the service for which they payed the penny for. It is unethical.

Parents of children with LD, your children have a hard life ahead of them. For most of us there is no 7 figure income. For most of us, there is endless sorrow. There is prejudiced which makes it harder for us to get a job.... There is also, for many frequent lossage of our job often due to predhjudiced or small LD related screw ups. The state doesn't offer much to us in disability and we are not stupid, just different, which means LD kids like normal ones should go to college. The money to pay our rent when we lose our jobs, needs to come from somewhere, or the money to supplement the peanuts we get from the state or to pay for the lawyers to sue the school system to get us an IEP, or for our university as there are few if any scholarships designed for those with LD. Weather or not your kid gets nothing, $5 oir %10 or $200, is not important, however, that a significant amount goes to their college fund or to the fund for later in life *IS* important. Wouldn't it have made it easier for many parents, if they didn't have to pay all this from their retirement funds or savings? When they could have their kid, take these tests 4 times a year and not make that much but make enough for a small rainy day account for their future??? Probably the account would run out in not too long but hey every little bit counts. Sadly $1o an hour hardly qualifies as a little bit. Our disabilities and our time provides a 7 figure income for them, but we barely make minimum wage.... When they ofcourse make thousands off of each speaking engagement that lasts an hour or 2.... Forgive me but it seems LD people are being very very very screwed. As a parent you should be setting the rate as you have the product to sell. You don't offer your plumber $10 an hour. He dictates to you what his rates are. Why are they setting the rates??? We do not belong to them Neither do the children of parents reading this post. Demand more for your child because the multi billion dollar that this industry is, it is unethical for your child to be making like a penny for every several hundred made by those experts who write about these tests and make money off their books they give speaches and make alot they keep their own practice and use what the learned from your kid to help others while they charge them a fortune. Maybe one dollar for every 20 they are making off these studies is more apropriate a fee? Maybe a percentage of the royalties? Why are we payed virtually nothing when we have what they want?

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Rosco P. Coltrane
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Posted:Aug 26, 2008 10:12:54 AM

Yes, $10/hour is a small incentive for someone's time, but the results from the research might be considered priceless. It is possible that new (and more efficient) ways to help children and even adults could be developed. Research is essential in just about any field of study. Yes, plumbers cost more than $10/hour, but these studies can require hundreds if not thousands of participants. I'm guessing that you don't hire 500 plumbers at the same time.

Neuroscientists typically don't get involved in that particular field of study in order to get rich...there are usually other reasons. I'm sure if you called this person, they would be happy to tell you.

Your post assumes that research is primarily a means to take advantage of others in order to obtain wealth...Do you think that it's possible this person might just enjoy helping others? Do you think it might be possible that this person feels that research is the best way to reach the largest number of people possible in order to make a positive difference?

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Posted:Aug 28, 2008 4:11:21 AM

I totally agrees with your article and this is a nice article. I appreciate your attitude on helping children and adults. I think research is necessary to reach largest number of people.
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