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hospital homebound ?

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Posted Oct 10, 2007 at 12:14:30 PM
Subject: hospital homebound ?

My son Tayton is 6, been diagnosed with Autism and chemical sensitivity. The chemical sensitivity keeps him from being able to attend school; exposure to scented things like laundry soap perfume etc will cause him seizures. For that reason he is Hospital Homebound served under Autism and OHI. I want more services for him and have brought that up with his teacher; she agrees. He is only getting 5 hours a week! He is eligible for speech and occupational therapy but the county couldn't find anyone in those fields who would be willing to do what is necessary (changing soaps and things) to be in our home so he isn't getting it. The norm for hospital homebound in our county is THREE hours a week and Tayton is getting 5.(WOO big deal! LOL) There is no law saying he can't have more just that it's always been 3 so we're lucky to be getting more was how I understood it last time I brought it up. My thinking is that if he could attend school he would be in a SPED class getting 6-8 hours of teaching, so it's like it's been said since he's home he can't get the same education kids in school can. The big thing in GA is the no child left behind act. Well seems to be children ARE being left behind and I feel as if my son is being discriminated against because he can't go to school. My question is this: is anyone farmiliar with hospital homebound stuff that can help me? We're kind of new to all this IEP and stuff so they will blow smoke up my behind all they can and if I don't know what can and can't be done they will win therefore my son will lose out on the chance to excel. We are scheduled another meeting to further discuss increasing his services within 30 days but his teacher has said they will fight it they always do. She's on our side and "breaks the rules" sometimes to tell us ways around things that she shouldn't just to help him! We're on a military post so you would THINK they would be more helpful but I have to prepare for anything. If there is no law about the of hours how do I go about this so I am the best prepared and knowledgable BEFORE the mtg? Anything would be soo appreciated! Feel free to IM me honda_mom2006 on yahoo


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Posted:Oct 11, 2007 5:48:21 AM

Hi Kristy,
I can sort of understand the confusion and isolation that you must be feeling?
Where I would suggest that the Internet will be your greatest support.
When I first read your post, I thought that looking at home schooling forums would be more helpful?
But then I did a google of hospital homebound schooling and found many links.
Then I did a google of: hospital homebound schooling forums.
Which came up with 113,000 links.

Where my point is that their is a huge Community of people in a similar situation to yourself.
Which the internet has brought together.
Where I feel that it would be far more helpful to you, to connect with people that are also involved with hospital homebound schooling.
Maybe this is helpful?

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Posted:Apr 10, 2008 8:32:19 AM


I'm sorry for the late reply.

You might also look into an IEP placement of Instruction Conducted in the Home. Many schools only offer homebound in order to keep their costs down. The placement of ICitS would require any service that your son would get in the school setting to be brought into the home.

It is hard to convince districts of this placement due to the cost, so be sure to have a lot of documentation from professionals of every level (doctors, psychologists, etc.) If they district continues to deny, then you need to decide whether or not mediation or due process is an option for you.

Remember, you can ask for an IEP meeting at any time, so it is not too late.

Best of luck.

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