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HELP!!!! Need insight/suggestions regarding assessments.

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Posted Oct 20, 2007 at 3:34:26 PM
Subject: HELP!!!! Need insight/suggestions regarding assessments.

I'm trying to decide whether we should look into a functional MRI for my dau. It shows where weak connections are in the brain etc. My dau. has been tested extensively in and out of school. The latest evaluator a neuro/dev. and behav. doctor suggested additional testing by a neuropysiologist. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with one of these? Did you find out anything that really helped??? Was it worth the time and money??? We've seen a neuropsych, a neuro./dev and behav. doctor, of course academic testing, a neurologist, a pediatric neurologist and dev. doctor. Does anyone have any suggestions??? When is enough enough??? We know our daughter has visual motor problems, but they aren't severe. She has processing, perceptual and memory problems as well. She has a SLD and also a speech/lang. delay. Is there anything more a new evaluation will show us??? Her dx. are: dyslexia, NVLD, seizure disorder that's controlled, SID, executive function disorder, anxiety and ADD. To me this seems like quite a bit of information. But it doesn't show why my daughters IQ tests results are lower than everyone thinks they should be. (By 20-40pts.) It also doesn't explain why she is almost 3yrs. behind in all areas of school.

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Rosco P. Coltrane
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In my opinion, it sounds like you've collected more than enough testing. I would give your daughter a break and focus on remediating her specific academic weaknesses. All of the diagnoses you listed could easily explain why she's having difficulty.

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Posted:Oct 22, 2007 4:29:37 PM

I agree with Patrick. You've got all the info you need as to why she is struggling. The ONLY suggestion for testing I would have is to have her take an IQ test that is given to Non-Verbal kids. This would take out the stuff that gets in her way and you could get a clear picture of where her IQ is at.

Other than that, I think you will need to focus on doing what you can to help her and not expect the progress to be quick. She has a LOT of stuff going on that will take time to correct effectively.

My dd has complex LDs which have taken years to see a lot of improvement. There were times where I felt like nothing we were doing was helping. Amazingly it all came together in her teens. Don't give up hope.

scifinut mom to: ms 16, bp/adhd/anxiety/complex ld mr. 20, add/dyslexic I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand. -Anonymous

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