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how about listing good schools and exposing the bad ones??

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Posted Nov 06, 2007 at 10:16:02 AM
Subject: how about listing good schools and exposing the bad ones??

I am on a mission. After about ten years of dealing with school after school that simply didn't take the time to understand my kids and only made me feel more inadequate, I have started a web site. On it there is a forum to list your good experiences or bad with a particular school. I think we all need the schools to have accountability and this will only happen when pressure is applied. I have an interview with my first "big paper" coming up. In it I will list the web sites for parents to respond to or to help them look for the schools doing s good job. Hopefully it will be the first of many. I have just begun to contact each school to have them list what training their teachers have to help our kids with LD. This info will be listed on the site too. It will be interesting to see if the schools "qualifications" match the parents comments.
I also have an inservice on making classrooms multisensory. I don't think it would solve all my kids academic problems, but changing their homework to a multisensory mode is probably where I spend the most time when they do homework. We have to do that so they can simply understand the material before they even start the homework.
I feel like I work full time on educating my kids and it's now time to make sure our voices are heard. I worry what will happen when my dyslexic children have kids and they need to fight the school sytems themselves. It will be near impossible, as I am NOT dyslexic and they rarely listen to me! Let me know what you think.
The web site is www.therighttolearn.com

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