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How to proceed with testing/the district?

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Posted Nov 07, 2007 at 5:32:53 PM
Subject: How to proceed with testing/the district?

We/my son's 2nd grade teacher think he might have ADD or some other LD due to inattentiveness in class. (I'm also suspecting something such as CAPD, due to his speech progress.)

I contacted our pediatrician who referred us to an independent psychologist/educational evaluator who we've made an appointment with and who is scheduled to observe our son at the end of this month (11/28/07).

After reading more about what we're entitled to under IDEA/504, etc. I am worried that the district could deny whatever this independent dr. recommends.

With that said, should we also request, in writing of course, that the district does its own full evaluation w/in the required 60-day time period just to be safe??

My son was evaluated for speech last year in 1st grade but didn't test poorly enough to get speech classes in school. I believe some his current "benchmarks" are meeting the required level, but in some of the other tests the district conducts he has done poorly in.

We don't want him to fall in the cracks as seemingly a lot of kids do who aren't meeting these "worst case" scenarios. We are also concerned that waiting any longer for tests will just prolong the issue.

I contacted the pych. of the district and she said to schedule a "campus intervention meeting." Would this be our alternate next step in asking for him to be re-evaluated, as listed in the IDEA literature?

I just want to be prepared for everything!

I appreciate your help!

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Posted:Dec 15, 2007 10:06:16 PM

I am going through something similar. I have opted to have the school test her (2nd grade also) and get an outside neuropsych eval. I have to make sure they don't duplicate any of the testing or else it is not valid. I don't know about your school district, but mine doesn't offer neuropsych...we are thinking our daughter has NLD. It will give us peace of mind to have an outside unbiased eval. If you are thinking that CAPD might be a possibility I believe only an audiologist can diagnosis that. I would try to get as many evals as you can because they all seem to give you a piece of the puzzle. It seems that ADD, CAPD, NLD, Aspergers etc...all have some similiar characteristics so you need to be careful that your child get the correct diagnosis, not the easiest one that suits the school district.

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