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Testing SOP/covering our bases

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Posted Nov 07, 2007 at 5:41:17 PM
Subject: Testing SOP/covering our bases

We/my son's 2nd grade teacher think he might have ADD or some other LD due to inattentiveness in class.
(I also am suspecting something like CAPD due to his speech development.)

I contacted our pediatrician who referred us to an independent psychologist/educational evaluator who we've made an appointment with and who is scheduled to observe our son at the end of this month (11/28/07).

After reading more about what we're entitled to under IDEA/504, etc. I am worried that the district could deny whatever this independent dr. recommends. With that said, should we also request, in writing of course, that the district does its own full
evaluation w/in the required 60=day time period just to be safe??

My son was evaluated for speech last year in 1st grade but didn't test poorly enough to get speech classes in school. I believe some his current "benchmarks" are meeting the required level, but some of the other district-wide tests that have been done he has done poorly on.

We don't want him to fall in the cracks as seemingly a lot of kids do who aren't meeting these "worst case" scenarios. We are also concerned that waiting any longer for tests will just prolong the issue.

I contacted the pych. of the district and she said to schedule a "campus intervention meeting."

Would this be are alternate next step in asking for him to be re-evaluated, as listed in the IDEA literature?

I want to be prepared for anything.

I appreciate your help!

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