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Reality check please!

I just got home from a team meeting because I partially rejected my son's IEP. He has ADHD, OCD and Tourette's and his organizational issues or supports are not measurable and furthermore are not being addressed in the special education classroom.
Talk about too much unstructured free time.
He has resource room every other day alternating with study hall. He has a regular education class called, "academic skills or structured study hall." That is basically a place to put some kids (there are 5 at this time-up from only 2 for 3 months) who are not taking a language. He also has a regular study hall that alternates with PE.
At the meeting, I tried (yet again) to give some general education about how his disabilities may present and how they may see it as behavioral. This teacher started off the meeting telling me what a delight my son is and how he seems to be a normal 13 year old etc... My son told me when he got home that she said to him, " I am meeting with your mother today, do you want me to tell her how you behave in here?" AND she tells the kids she dreads teaching that class and would rather do anything else but she was forced to. She is regular ed so Sped won't even address anything they do in there. I really can't stand the school psychologist but think she needs to step in and help educate people.
Advice, suggestions all welcome.

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