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Could I get assesed

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Posted Nov 22, 2007 at 10:07:00 PM
Subject: Could I get assesed

I have never been tested for all learning disabilities. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and trouble intergrating. I feel like I have atleast Dyslexya but because I always went to private school I have never actually been tested for other LD's do you think the school system will still test me? I am in my sophmore year of College but I will be there for atleast 3 more years. It would help to have these diagnoses if i do have it because I would be able to get even more help. What do you guys (and girls) think?

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Posted:Nov 30, 2007 12:38:28 AM

My sister was a sophomore in college when she through some sort of testing through the school found out she had Dyslexia. (I'm not sure that is what they called it then.) Once she was tested and received the results she was given all sorts of accommodations by the university. If you really are interested in knowing the details I could ask her about it and let you know.


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Posted:Dec 04, 2007 11:40:20 AM

You can get tested just make an appointment with a psychologist. Then work with your learning support center once you have the documentation.

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Posted:Dec 10, 2007 7:49:15 AM

Hello SortingOutLife:

Can you PLEASE provide us with more details about your current higher education situation?

What state do you reside in and are you at a public or private university or at a community college?

Did you ever have your high school LD tests sent to your current institution?

Are you currently receiving accommodations at your current institution?

Usually when you are tested for a learning disability, they give you a battery of tests, not just one, but you may have only stated in the past that you thought you have ADHD and your prior private high school might have only tested you for that.

Yes, you can be tested for a learning disability at your institution. But you have to remember that there may be a waiting list at your institution. You can go to a private psychologist but insurance usually does not cover LD testing, so you would have to pay out of pocket costs.

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