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Ever Heard of this?

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Posted Dec 03, 2007 at 8:37:14 AM
Subject: Ever Heard of this?

in the third grade I was told I had a reading disability. I have great difficulty reading outloud. The "problem" is that I read very quickly, I can read scrolling computer screen information but when it comes to reading outloud it is as if my what I am taking in so rapidly I can't get my tongue to read as fast. Has anyone ever heard of something like this and know of any tips to help me learn how to overcome this problem?
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Posted:Dec 07, 2007 1:31:53 AM

Hi Donni,
The 'problem' that you have, is that you are a fluent reader.
Probably a natural 'speed reader'.
Reading out loud, is a contradiction of normal reading processes.
As we don't read in the same way as we speak.

For efficient reading, we don't 'sound out' in our mind, every word in a sentence, but just perhaps the key-words'.
For most words, they just need to be 'seen to there', in the background. Which is enough to cognize them.
In the same way that you can look at a figure in a photo, and be aware of the background, without directly looking at it.
Where we use something called 'peripheral vision', and take in 'blocks of words', as our eyes shift across a page.
But - when - we - read - out - loud, - we - need - to - sound - out - every - single - word - in - a - sentence.

You might also observe the difference in your eye movements, between reading out loud and silently.
Where you'll notice that your eyes 'pause' many more times across the line, when reading out loud.

So that a person that finds reading out loud very easy, is probably a slow reader?
But perhaps you are asking about this, because you have to do something that involves reading out loud?
As you ask for any tips?
Where the solution could be with your 'eye movements' and 'peripheral vision'?
So that basically your eyes pause more frequently across a line, and take in fewer words at each pause.
But importantly, you don't want to let this become your normal way of reading.
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Posted:Dec 09, 2007 8:32:48 PM

that happens for me too. Im always the first one done reading but I get tongue tied easily.

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