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Written Language Assessment

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Posted Dec 04, 2007 at 3:15:35 PM
Subject: Written Language Assessment

I am looking for a "good" testing tool to evaluate a student with a specific learning disability's written language ability. Or to use for the initial evaluation. I don't like the results I obtain when using the WJIII. I don't think the WJIII gives an accurate indication of their ability. What are others using?

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Posted:Dec 18, 2007 4:10:44 PM

My district stopped using WJ when it was WJII. Our director said it did not stand up in court when testing results were challenged using that test. It was a long time ago...I think he said something about the population used to validate the WJ did not represent any individuals with a learning disability. Anyway...we use the WIAT-II and the Brigance when we assess for a triennial eval. Between the two of them I've felt pretty good about assessing writing ability. I have to add that I always back up testing with classroom examples of their writing. We have written responses to their reading program, a weekly mini prompt and, when I show a movie, I always require written responses in the form of re-tells, book report forms or formal instruction of writing strategies using the subject/character/theme of the movie as a base.

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