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Looking for Parents' Stories

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Posted Jan 04, 2008 at 12:55:56 PM
Subject: Looking for Parents' Stories

Looking for Parents' Stories

I need your help with research on parents' involvement in special education. For the past several years, I have studied this topic from many different angles: the legal history of special education, the advice given to parents of disabled children, and the evolution of different disability diagnoses. Now, I need to better understand parents' perspectives and their experiences advocating for their disabled children.

Please contact me (at the e-mail address or the phone number below) if you have a child receiving special education services and would be willing to complete a short survey and to participate in a phone interview of around one hour. Whatever you share with me will be kept anonymous in any presentations or publications (currently have a book publication contract with the University of Chicago Press).

There are no risks or direct benefits involved with participating in this research, although it is my hope that this research will shed more light on parents' involvement in special education and help to make special education more fair and equal.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you!

Colin Ong-Dean, Ph.D.
phone: 858-945-3878
e-mail: cdean@ucsd.edu

Colin Ong-Dean, Ph.D. Department of Education Studies University of California, San Diego

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