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Teachers and Modified or Regular with Accommodation Programs

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Posted Jan 08, 2008 at 11:51:00 PM
Subject: Teachers and Modified or Regular with Accommodation Programs

I am a parent with a child in grade 7 who always fails at those WISC testings; to which I have told the schools. How do you get the schools/teachers to listen to you that a regular program with accommodations to help your child grasp the comprehension of the work be used?
When she was in grades 3-5 she stayed in her classroom, the class had one educational assistant to assist the whole class, and she was doing the same work as the other students but with slight accommodations to help her succeed, she was a C+ average student with a B in french. Now this school wants to do an IEP because of what the psychologist had said.

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An IEP would not necessarily change her being placed in mainstream classes. It would clarify what her needs are and what goals you want her to meet.

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Posted:Jan 12, 2008 11:36:30 AM

I just want to add that she can always stay in a regular classroom as long as you don't allow them to change her placement. You have veto power over that. Once you change her placement to a special class then essentially you cannot change her back to a regular class without the entire team of people agreeing to do so. SO, before you sign anything giving consent to change her placement go visit the class they want to move her to and trust your instinct. If you don't think she will like it or if you don't think she belongs there then don't give consent to move her. I would also recommend getting her as much help as you possibly can with the IEP before making any such change. Our school wanted to move my dd to a special day class self contained full time for a specific learning disability/language disorder when all they have been doing up until now has been minimal resource room support. Our advocate told them "That's not even legal". She said you have to exhaust all other options first, which they clearly have not done.

So, now she's up to 2 hrs/day with special help, but I'm pretty sure she could even get 3hrs, so we're still not even at the limit.


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