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Posted Jan 19, 2008 at 11:15:08 PM
Subject: Language! Program

I'm looking for specific information about the Language! program published through SoprisWest and developed by Jane Fell Greene.

My daughter is a special education high school student receiving this program. Here are my questions:

1. How many minutes per week should she be getting this?

2. Her main language disability is reading comprehension: should this program be given alone, or in conjunction with other English programs?

3. How often are summative tests given?

4. How quickly do they go through the books? She is currently in Book C but apparently the teacher is repeating the same work from the beginning of the school year, because new students have joined the class. Shouldn't she be continuing at her level, vs starting over?

5. For a student struggling with reading comprehension who is pretty strong in de-coding, is this the appropriate intervention?

Thanks so much for your input-



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