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What sort of advocasy would help you out the most?

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Posted Jan 22, 2008 at 4:23:23 PM
Subject: What sort of advocasy would help you out the most?


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Posted:May 21, 2008 5:00:38 PM

What sort of advocacy? The sort that doesn't insist i am inferior or subhuman. The sort that reminds the experts i am a person. The sort that says to the experts comparing people like me literally to animals is to deprive us of our humanity. The sort that reminds them, young children with these lables read their papers and their words cause damage. The kind that makes it clear we are people not objects for cold study.... Someone who goes to congress and tells them this cruelty and Hitler science of forced medicating of those under 18 who get C average grades have 4 music classes a week outside of school show jump horses and work part time, should have every right to decide what substance goes into their body at age 14 or 16. The sort that actually understands how these "disabilities" work.... The sort that can see and present the person that lives under the stamp of the lable. The sort that can cause change. I am a high functioning person, it may seem impulsive and ADHD, the way i make choices... And they are not always ggood choices but no one makes good choices all the time, and i don't choose impulsively. I think first. I just think a million miles a minute which then wears out my mind causing me to be rather unfocused, fatigue.... I would actually guess that is how most ADHD brains work.... But instead, every negative quality known to man is slapped on us. We are impulsive, we can't behave, we are behaviorally retarded, we are less human... Once all these qualities belonged to anyone with darker skin. On account of their darker skin.... Then we discovered the truth. These human beings we had enslaved abused and tortured, are as human as we are. The same thing happened with Women's sufferage on account of their ability to bear children their hormones rendered them intellectually inferior and therefore less able so keep em barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen... Nazi science said the same about the jewish population and look at the horror that inspired. Today in america there is forced medicating of perfectly rational people who are clean, sober, disinterested in the subjects taught at school, able to hold down jobs, feed and clothe themselves keep themselves clean and are of 0 threat to themselves of anyone else. And this is being done as a common practice because they have LD and most often ADHD. America uses 90% of the world's ritalin supply. I am not saying there aren't a few cases that really should be drugged because it actually gets in their way, but children shouldn't be forcibly medicated to make them more docile and more interested in the subject matter that they have decided they aren't interested in. The one most important form of freedom in this country, is the freedom to think as we so choose, and the freedom to talk about what we think so long as it does not incite violence. Well, the proffits of these drug companies and these experts is promoting violent attacks. Of parents terrified into submission willing to do anything to make their children better when no one can show incontrovertible organic proof in many cases that their kids are even sick. Which is why the medical book thing of mental diseases and symptoms calls ADHD a disorder rather than a disease. Someone needs to make it clear that if they want my vote they are going to have to cater to my stinking interests, same as they do to women's issues and the interests of the african american population. Because, right now 1 in 5 kids is being medicated for ADHD, even the doctor who originally named the disorder, finds it to be way over diagnosed by atleast 30% and over medicated by a much larger percentage. But 1 in 5 is something like 20% of the population. I am hardly a moron and in doing the math i have come to the conclusion that that is a pretty substantial minority. Wouldn't someone benefit having that as part of their constituency? Wouldn't someone's campaign benefit, with such a minority on their side? Well, what will they offer for our vote? Because this minority, is one that is still growing.... You remind people we are human beings and not animals that we think and feel and call an end to forced medicating and hitler science. And make the world see the ppl we are and that is the advocacy we need. Because right now they are linking us with violent offenders in jail, how will we find work if everyone worries we will go postal? We are no more violent than anyone else. And in the right situation anyone is violent. I was raised by buddhist monks in part, in a buddhist commune by hippies and anti war happy people, i hate vviolence. But if i had a child and someone threatened it physical in a way that was not just 2 kids in the school yard being stupid, you better believe i would go after that someone for all i am worth. Because that is a mother's duty to protect their child. So again, any human can be violent one doesn't need ADHD for that. I am sick of being tied to violent maniacs i am sick of people looking at me funny and treating me differently when i am fine. As an adult i found a medication that helped. (Though as a child i was tested on like a lab rat, against my will.) I can hold down a jobn even unmedicated in highschool i had the same job for over 2 years. I am not different from anyone else. I think and i feel i love and i hate, i laugh and i cry, and i have dreams and ambitions, and a family.... And a life... I have self control, always did... And i have the right to be seen as a person rather than a sdisease for which no one can show any organic evidence of. They have had over 25 years of legal Hitler science in america to find and provide proof. They still have not. Advocate the end of this witch hunt. Or just advocate that the life offered to me is insufficient to my needs as a human being and to just burn me at the stake already, because i am bored of the biasts and limitations i have to endure to make everyone else feel better when i am not the least bit different than they are, and while none of them even take the time to care that i am a human being with thoughts and feelings just as they do. It's time for change. I am angry and i am hurt. I speak from a place of long term pain... I am not agressive or violent or in any way different than anyone else. It is just, that, reading the papers of experts when you are 12 which you understand perfectly, and having them compare your intellectual capacity to that of a dog.... It changes you after that knowing these experts are the authority on who and what you are, and they have chosen to take your very humanity from you, to terrorize everyone into treating you as different.... By all means, if someone is trying and interested in school and needs extra help, give it to them. If they don't want to be there, why violate their civil rights by imprisoning them for no crime what so ever?
In most cultures in the world, children are treated with far more respect. American children in a current test rank as the least happy and the least educated in the western world. Sounds to me like the system is broken not those of us who just are not interested. I was an amazing music student. And my time was commonly spent cutting classes to research ancient societies. That interested me. Where as reading the red badge of courage 6 times in 4 years, lord of the flies, 4 times in 4 years, the great gatsby 2 times in 4 years, and the catcher in the rye more than 8 times in 4 years.... bored the hell out of me... And forgive me but i think it bored every student in my class. So instead, i would go to the library. And i would read about ancient cultures. Today, my dyslexic self is a student of egyptology at a university level, i read and write in 6 languages as well as being fluent in modern western music notation and that used by the ancient greeks, on top of that i am well versed and pretty fluent in hieroglyphs, hieratic script and old coptic. Those fear mongering experts told my mother i would never even be literate in english. Advocate for the end of the fear mongering and the end of the witch hunt that is what i need. Thank you.

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