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Evaluation for my 3 years old baby

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Posted Feb 14, 2008 at 4:02:18 PM
Subject: Evaluation for my 3 years old baby

I have 3 years old boy who is now in the preschool. The teacher suggest me to do the evaluation to my baby.At the beginning, I don't want to take this evaluation, because I feel my baby is normal and he is very smart. But the teachet told me he have some bad behavior and he don't want to pay attention to the teachet and some time he hert the other baby. When the teacher hold him on the knee, he can pay attention to the teacher and listen to the story. I don't know the evaluation is good for my baby or not, because sombady told me If you do that, your baby will be put on the label and when he go to the school, he will be treat as the special student and forever whatever he is already have good behavior or not. Please give me some advice if you have the same experience or you know something about that. Thank you!
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Posted:Feb 28, 2008 9:35:28 AM

An evaluation will not hurt and you can use whatever information you get to do whatever you want. This is your child, and if there are problems or concerns, early intervention is the best thing-maybe things can be resolved way before he goes on to school.

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Posted:May 07, 2008 12:31:46 PM

Oh you bet it WILL hurt! I KNOW. I was evaluated and labled at age 4.

I love how no one thinks of us as human beings and rather as diseases. We go through life stigmatized by your choices, because you can't handle a little whining. Seriously, if your kid is a very real threat to itself or others through deliberate actions. Or *frequent* behavior that accidentally causes damage, that is different.

No child who goes to those places is NOT labled and stigmatized in some way. Children need to be children not medicated drugged out cocaine head zombies.

Your child's brain are in the early stages of development. No one knows what the long term affects of these drugs they are feeding kids actually are. They don't understand if and how these drugs rreally affect the brain. They don't know how the brain and it's chemistry may or may not level out as development of the brain continues into adulthood. They don't know if development of the brain is altered from use of these drugs during developmental stage.

Adults, who have been labled on average make financially due largely to stigma and a society of ignorant people, make roughly 30% less. Some of us go on to lead fairly normal lives. I am presently a student of egyptology at a university level. I live with my fiance. I am essentially planning a wedding of 120 people all by myself while i am studying, managing our home, and our 5 pets, who i do not permit to have a negative impact on the cleanliness or smell of our home.

I speak 6 different languages to varying degrees of fluency. I read both modern western music notation as well as that of the notation system used by the ancient greeks. I am also doing very well with hieroglyphs, hieratic script, and ancient coptic writing. I am believed to be dysolexic. I had trouble learning to read.

I could not read till age like, 10... 3 years later i was offered entrance to a special gifted program open to only 50 special kids in the Boston area each year. My fiance, holds a PHD in theoretical physics and is working in research where we are living now, in Canada. He loves me he says, because i am one of 5 people he has ever met who can challenge his mind. He is Finnish, which means he graduated and got a PHD from a nation with the best educational system in the world.

Labling a child, is the cruelest thing anyone can ever do to a child. The only thing worse may be medicating them, except in cases where they are actually a danger to themselves or others.

There should be classes that go with pregnancy. Seriously.... You need a license to own certain kinds of dogs and other animals. But anyone can have a baby. Parents today.... In my opinion which is not a popular one, are far too self centered. I don't know you personally don't think i am speaking of you necesarily. But generally speaking most parents in the USA i have had the opportunity to meet are super self centered! Their kids are unhappy. Our children rank as the least happy in the western world. Along with the most poorly educated. Finnish children rank in the top 3 on happiness and number 1 in education. They get a half hour of homework a night in highschool Our systems are broken our children are fine. Have the system diagnosed instead. Then medicate it accordingly. It will not just benefit those of us with LD but all children.

What seems a small thing.... Is not so small as it may seem. These researchers, and diagnosticians, rfrequently, behave in a condescending manner believe we are both intellectually and behaviorally retarded. I have even read claims that say that children with ADHD are 30% younger than their biological age. I have never met an ADHD student and i have known many because i am labled too, that in any way exhibited such immaturity. Do you think my mother would let me move from Boston to Canada alone with my boyfriend if i were some defunct incompetent biological 27 years old who in reality was only 19??? Don't be as silly as these alleged experts. Don't underestimate the potential in your child. Don't limit your kid or allow it to be hurt by stigmas or cluelessly medicated. No matter what they say, this is NOT good parenting, and you seem a good person that wants to do the right thing. Good luck!

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