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Gut and Psychology syndrome

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Posted Feb 17, 2008 at 10:27:04 PM
Subject: Gut and Psychology syndrome

This is a book about natural treatments for Autism, dyslexia and other issues by Dr. Natash Campbell-McBride. Has anyone else read this book and tried the diet..... and had results??????
My daughter is dyslexic and I am strugling to teach her at home. I have a tutor, but the reading and spelling are comming along so slow that she is frustrated and seems to be getting discouraged. The tutor is familiar with learning disabilities so is helpful to us both.
I am trying this diet with hope that it will clear up some of the confusion she is facing. It is helping a bit, but we have only been doing it for a couple of weeks.
I wanted to know if others have tried this approach. It is alot of work for me. I am willing to add this on to what we are doing but would like to have suport from others who are doing it too. She is eating much better food than she ever has,But what about the rest of it?
I haven't tried any of the methods people use here other than reading to her and working with worksheets and easy reader books. I Love reading and will do anything to help her be able to do that too.


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Posted:Feb 18, 2008 2:00:45 PM

I think this is a complicated question. There is a study that showed a higher percentage of children with food allergies have learning disabilities than children in the general population do. This suggests a potential correlation between food and learning issues. Plus there are cases where vitamin deficiences and problems such as pernicious anemia and hyglocemia can affect brain function. Therefore I think diet can play a role, but I don't know if changing a diet can necessarily "fix" the problem unless the child has an undiagnosed disorder. Otherwise, I think a good diet perhaps can help improve neurological growth, but will not entirely resolve the problem. My LD daughter does happen to have a severe food allergy and so diet, along with getting the proper sleep, are crucial to her. I have noticed that she is much more sensitive in these areas than my non-LD children. Overall though, I think the best thing is to make sure your child receives the proper testing and the proper intervention to help address the problem. If your child's current tutoring is not working, then a different approach may be needed. I know a number of people have had success tackling reading problems by using the Orton Gillingham program. That is one potential approach, but there are many depending on what the problem is. A visual problem would require different intervention than an auditory one for example. In the meantime though, I am a big fan of trying to give our kids a healthy diet, so keep giving your child those omega 3's!

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