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Posted Feb 20, 2008 at 4:51:17 PM
Subject: Movies and NVLD

I recently watched Batman Begins with my husband and a friend, and I noticed a clear difference between my brain and theirs. They thought the movie was entertaining, explained things, etc. I thought it was a jumpy, jumbled mess. I couldn't follow it; explanations went so fast I could not process them; scenes kept flicking here there and everywhere; and for most of it I didn't know what the heck was going on. Dear Hubby (DH) and Dear Friend (DF) enjoyed it, while I started feeling distress, wishing I could read my latest Orthodox theology book instead. I love reading because I go at my own pace, and can back up and re-read things I don't understand. Both DH and DF were shocked that I could not understand or keep up with the movie. And you know what DF told me? That this movie was SLOW compared to most action movies! It's no wonder action movies have never appealed to me.

In contrast, I can watch period dramas--Jane Austen, Jane Eyre, and the like--or comedies or old movies, and understand what's going on. They don't normally jump around like a music video. I can't stand many music videos, either, because they jump around so much.

Anybody else feel this way about action movies and music videos? That night made me feel alone in my brain because nobody else in the house felt the same. But I hope this will demonstrate to them what things are like in my head. I also have trouble keeping up with Dungeons and Dragons: I rarely know what's going on unless I keep notes or it's a nice, simple love story. I was often overwhelmed at my last job when dealing with customers at an insurance agency. My boss wanted me to do what the other assistants did, and fudge answers if I didn't know all the insurance rules. But I never had the kind of training to be able to give people insurance advice, did not feel comfortable "fudging" anything, and did not know how to "fudge" answers in the first place. I also had trouble figuring out the proper ways to respond to people. It cost me higher raises. But I was great at computer work, accuracy, details, requesting policy changes, etc. It's so frustrating when it seems like every clerical job out there these days requires customer service, that I haven't been able to just hide in a corner with my computer.

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Posted:Mar 22, 2008 7:29:36 AM

You're not alone. When I watch a movie, which is rarely, I usually end up pausing it every 10-15 minutes and taking a 20 minute break, just to give myself a break from trying to take in all the color, movement, etc. I don't really like going to the cinema because it makes me feel panicky and trapped. I do however, like going to see live theatre.

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Posted:Jul 11, 2008 7:31:07 AM

You just described the exact reason why I don't really bother watching movies any more. I rarely follow them such is the problem with my short term memory.

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Posted:Jul 27, 2008 9:45:19 PM

I haven't been diagnosed with NVLD but I wouldn't be suprised if I had it. Yeah, like you, I don't get movies that have an underlying plot or that have characters that look similar. I often watch them with my friend and she knows that she will need to explain what's going on as the movie progresses. Without her I'd lose not only the plotline but the whole entire point of the flick. I do well with cartoons becaue they are straight forward and short. As far as books go, I love to read as well but again, if there are multiple characters I write each one down as they are introduced in the book (along with a brief description to jog my memory) and and that's how I enjoy books. I am a 39 y.o. f with a 7 y.o. boy and I get laughed at alot by him but I hang in there as you should as well!

To quote the old movie line: "you are not alone".


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