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Autism/ADHD/Thimerosal connection and LD's quite possibly

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Posted Feb 22, 2008 at 11:46:09 PM
Subject: Autism/ADHD/Thimerosal connection and LD's quite possibly

For any parent out there that has doubts that there is no connection....I wanted to fill you in on something that I have recently learned.

I just spoke with a vaccine injury related attorney. There are still THOUSANDS of cases across the country pending against these drug manufacturers for their client's Autistic child. Please, open the yellow pages and call one to verify. For the "peer-reviewed" medical journals to post such ludicrous crap that there is no connection is totally unfounded and UNTRUE. Furthermore, scientific studies have found mercury in the majority of vaccines that claim to be "mercury-free". The only difference now is that they don't have to list it as an ingredient if it is below .3 micrograms of mercury. Well, the problem with that is the number of vaccines received in one office visit alone. A few "trace" shots will be over the limit for some infants depending upon their weight. How many shots does the average infant receive these days? There are even more vaccines to come I've heard. Common cold or what?

Now we know why the American Pediatric Association did not want the public to watch the premiere of the Eli Stone show. Lawsuits are still pending.

In 1994 my child received 147x his "recommended safe allowance" of mercury consumption based on the FDA's 2003 guideline for fish consumption at his 2 mo. vaccination appt alone. He received 75 micrograms of mercury!! Now, when you add the fact that he was injected with the mercury (on top of the fact that aluminum adds to the concentration), it is safe to say that he received far worse than 147x his "recommended safe daily allowance". And we cannot assume that this will cause any neurological damage to a developing brain? When have you ever taken 5 drugs at one time and not had a reaction (3 shots for 5 diseases at a mere 2 mo. old)? A 15 mo. old may receive as many as 9 shots for 13 diseases! And we are left to wonder about our neurologically deficient and chronically ill children? Just take a look at what we are injecting them with. I did and I almost vomited. I haven't had a good night's sleep since. Tell me, how safe is formaldehyde? 100 micrograms of formaldehyde was in my other child's one vaccine alone last year. No wonder why he convulsed and endured high-pitched screaming episodes for 3 days.

Another alarming fact is that many doctors are coming forward claiming that ADHD is Autism....only another spectrum of the disorder. Too many similarities, characteristics, response to diet elimination, etc. So, with that said...are the numbers really 1 in 150 for Autism or much higher?

If you think that your child was damaged as a direct result of the vaccines...it is not too late. Vaccine information has to be kept on file (law since 1986). If you have videos of your child before/after then talk to an attorney. Don't just sit back and do nothing. Parents are still coming forward today (despite the mercury-free vaccines)and claiming that their child's Autism is a direct result of the vaccines. Trust your instincts. You are not crazy and you are not alone. Do something about it.

In the meantime though, I would love to start a movement to put these sickos out of business. (When you see just how much money is involved with vaccines you will realize what I am talking about). Just email me.

You know...this vaccine campaign truly started (at least I hope) with the best intentions. When the sickos took over and realized how much money they could truly make off the scare tactics (chronic disease = prescriptions, profit off of chronic disease and vaccines = grants for the medical profession, etc...it is just sad. Talk to your parents, grandparents. How deadly were measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, flu, etc.? Did it mean spending a week in bed or dying? It is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

When you take a look at your child's risk of having an adverse reaction to the vaccine itself (according to the drug manufacturer's package insert, not the CDC's versions)...is it really worth having the vaccine? You really have to weigh the odds. I am just one parent that wishes that she could "undo" what was already done. Too late in my case.

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Posted:Feb 23, 2008 1:06:45 AM

Hi Dawn,
It would be rather futile contacting an attorney, unfortunately.
When the homeland security bill went through congress, an addendum was added to it.
Which removed any liability from companies that produced vaccines.
It has long been commented that it seemed a strange place to add such an addendum, as it is totally unrelated?
Where the conclusion is that it was good place to hide it?
But more important, is the question about why they added this addendum? Did they already know something, back in '02?

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Actually I just spoke with an attorney recently and there are still thousands of cases still pending against drug manufacturers all across the country.

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