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4 year old at preschool

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Posted Feb 24, 2008 at 2:25:08 AM
Subject: 4 year old at preschool

Hi all,

I currently work in a preschool room at a LDC. There is a child J who is turning 4. He is undiagnosed but has a series of health issues that have left his cognitive and lanugage abilities far far behind. From what me and my director can tell is that he is has a receptive language issue but it may be more. We just cannot tell what he knows consistently.

Added to this, his mother may as well be in denial and has not taken him to see a specialist for a true diagnosis.

Has anyone else been in this siutation? I want to help J but have no IEP and no clear diagnosis. I have considered making my own IEP based on what I have observed but without proper advice I don't want to be targetting the wrong area and 'wasting time' at the expense of the rest of the children in my room.


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