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getting help with college papers

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Posted Feb 27, 2008 at 2:25:53 PM
Subject: getting help with college papers

I'm a jr. at George Washington College with a writing and spelling disabilite and for the first two years did fine at school. As my classes become much more focused on writting I did horribly. After failing classes I become very depressed and took a semester off. I'm now starting to figure out how I can make the last few classes-I only need to take 6 more classes to finnish-do able.

It seems that the bulk of my grades are based on papers and I feel I never get a chance to really show what I've learned in the class.

Has anyone had any luck in getting a teacher to let them be graded in another way-exam, project, oral exam?
I've tried have writting help from the school but it really didn't do much.


-by the by, does this things a spell checker?

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