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Need help!

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Posted Feb 29, 2008 at 4:14:58 AM
Subject: Need help!

My parents want to enroll me in online college, that’s why I am looking for reputable online colleges. If you people have some suggestion so please help me in this matter.
Thanks a lot!

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Posted:May 10, 2008 2:15:57 PM
Subject:Need help!

Well, sure, what is it you would like to study? There is tons of stuff out there. That is actually how i got started in Archaeology.

There is some cool stuff in Anthropology, and most dstuff is geared towards business which actively makes me want to puke up my guts, but maybe that interests you for example? There are both actual online studies as well as hmmm... Distance learning more correspondence variety type of a thing.... Many things that seemed far more insteresting than the general stuff found at these acredited ones in the USA i found in GB. You might also want to just google your biggest 3 interests and include the words, 'home study' 'university online' 'distance learning' 'distance degree' 'acreddited homestudy' etc... Million ways to mix and match!!! It is really a good way to get your feet wet. Some even go on to more traditional education from there. But it is a wonderfful stepping stone.

But i am a bit worried, "My parents want to enroll me in online college." This is a worrying statement... What do *YOU* want. For one brief second, forget any LD you may or may not have i don't know you and you didn't state you had any so i don't want to be assuming. Then ask yourself, "What do *I* want for me??? What do *I* want out of life? What dreams and ambitions do *I* have for me?" Because, it is your life. Sometimes parents get too controlling... Mine tried it... I think they confuse sometimes being a supportive fixture, with being in control of everything... The fact is at the end of the day, we are all going to have things we regret in life and things we are thrilled about in life. The trick is having more joy than regrets... We all need various amounts of support... Though, being responsible for one's own life and future, is just... so worthwhile! Because it allows one the ability to make desicions and choices, forces one to think about the possible outcomes and ultimately causes one to grow.

The question is, What do you want, and if this isn't it... Then maybe you need to have a chat with your folks... If it is what you want, then hey just ignore me... As i am just responding to that statement. We do not live to please our parents. We live to please ourselves and to contribute whatever we happen to have to offer to the larger world. Well good luck!

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