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Millions of Americans are illiterate, but the problem hidden

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Posted Feb 29, 2008 at 7:25:33 PM
Subject: Millions of Americans are illiterate, but the problem hidden

30 million functionally illiterate works out to 1 in 10 (higher if you exclude all the children who are too young to be considered due to developmental age.) It is estimated thatbetween 6-8% of Americans are dyslexic, which would make up the lionsshare of the adults and teens who qualify.

This is a large part of the reason NCLB was put into place. It is far past time that we as a society seriously begin to address this problem. As we move further and further into a world where information becomes the major commodity and opportunity, illiteracy effectively disenfranchises people almost completely. Offering them disability is no answer unless forcing people to choose between starvation and turning to crime is acceptable.


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I totally agree. I guess if the truth came out though...mass hysteria would erupt. I am also guessing that roughly as much as 80% of our children are learning disabled also. If the statistics show 25% have already been diagnosed...what are the numbers really when parents don't have thousands of $$ to test their children because insurance won't pay for it and schools have "a flawed Special Ed screening process"? I am thinking BIG.
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