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Canadian rocker Jeff Healey dies - NER

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Posted Mar 03, 2008 at 5:13:56 PM
Subject: Canadian rocker Jeff Healey dies - NER

Sorry for the NER, but Jeff was an incredible talent who developed a unique playing method when he was given a guitar as a young child, because no one showed him how to hold it and he could not see how others did. Some may remember him from his support role in Road House. I recall being blown away by his first album, See The Light, and then being completely amazed not only by his unique fingering and nimble fingers (it almost looked more like playing a piano than a guitar), but also by seeing him perform. He would at times stand up, with the guitar still in his lap and dance while he continued to play, holding the guitar against himself without a strap and without missing a note. Hard to believe he only put out 6 discs (not including lives and hit collections).


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