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Posted Mar 06, 2008 at 9:17:39 PM
Subject: Cogmed Working Memory Training

Hi all,

I'd like to pass along some ADHD related information that I have found to be helpful and that I think you might enjoy knowing about. Much is happening in the area of brain research and memory training programs; something I personally am very interested in learning more about.

After talking to a number of highly esteemed colleagues, including Dr. David Rabiner, senior researcher at Duke University, I contacted a company called Cogmed, after hearing how impressed these professionals were with the positive outcomes their clients experienced in using their Cogmed Working Memory Training. Intrigued, I have started my own personal training and have so far become impressed enough to want to share this interesting resource with you.

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a software-based intervention designed to improve working memory in children and adults. Through active and engaging exercises, children and adults train at home five days a week for five weeks. Every participant has a Personal Coach at a Cogmed Qualified Practice who leads the training, analyzes results and provides encouragement through weekly phone calls.

Published, peer-reviewed and controlled clinical studies have demonstrated that, upon completion of Cogmed Working Memory Training, 80% of participants have significantly improved their ability to concentrate and use complex reasoning skills over the long term.

Since beginning my own Cogmed Working Memory Training and noticing early positive results, I have become involved with some small projects involving Cogmed as a paid consultant. Of course, there is always the potential to bias, so though I've reviewed the research and am excited at what I see both in the research, talking to colleagues and through my own personal experience, I would urge you to draw your own conclusions.

To learn more about the Cogmed Working Memory Training, visit their website at www.cogmed.com .

Please feel free to pass this on to others who might be interested.


Terry Matlen, ACSW
Director, ADD Consults.com


Author, "Survival Tips for Women with ADHD"


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