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Drop in I.Q Scores

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Posted Mar 20, 2008 at 2:44:39 PM
Subject: Drop in I.Q Scores

I've not posted here before, but I have a question. I'm not sure my son has an LD - he was tested 3 years ago for ADD, came back negative but showed he is a visual-spatial learner. He is 10 and in 4th grade and was tested again for the gifted program. His IQ scores dropped considerably, except in Working Memory where the score went up. Both tests given were the WISC IV. Does anyone have any knowledge of why his scores dropped? They went from Superior to Average. I have a hard time believing he has an average IQ, and am curious as to why the drop occured. Here are the scores if anyone can help me. We are puzzled and confused!

2005 WISC IV
Verbal Comprehension: 126
Perceptual Reasoning: 123
Working Memory: 97
Processing Speed: 88
FSIQ: 114
GAI IQ: 128

2008 WISC IV
Verbal Comprehension: 106
Perceptual Reasoning: 106
Working Memory: 120
Processing Speed: 83
FSIQ: 106

He does have processing issues (timed tests are hard for him), but has that has never been noted as an issue in his classes. He does well in school. Writing is his main strength (teachers call him a "writing genius"). Math is hardest for him, he reads well above grade level. None of this is making sense to us. Can anyone help? Thank you!

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Posted:Mar 20, 2008 4:36:33 PM

Different testors can score things differently. There is also a possibility that if he does have an LD it is interfering more as he gets older.

I would request an IEE (Indepedent Educational Evaluation) with someone who can use a different test to see if it comes out differently or if an LD can be identified.

(There was a 30 point difference between the testing my dd's school did and the independent testing we had done.)

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