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Drop in IQ scores

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Posted Mar 20, 2008 at 3:56:11 PM
Subject: Drop in IQ scores

I've not posted here before, but I have a question about my son's IQ scores. He was tested three years ago for possible ADD (does not have it, but was shown to be a visual-spatial learner). He was tested again a few weeks ago and his scores have dropped, except for one which went up. Both times he was given the WISC IV. I don't know what to think - he went from Superior to Average in the overall test. I have a hard time believing his IQ is average, and in fact he was being tested again for the gifted program. If anyone can shed some light...here are the scores from both tests:

2005 WISC IV
Verbal Comprehension: 126
Perceptual Reasoning: 123
Working Memory: 97
Processing Speed: 88
FSIQ: 114
GAI IQ: 128

2008 WISC IV
Verbal Comprehension: 106
Perceptual Reasoning: 106
Working Memory: 120
Processing Speed: 83
FSIQ: 106

Is it normal for scores to drop like this? I just don't understand it. He does have some processing issues (typical of visual-spatial learners). He excels in writing (teachers call him a "writing genius"), has a harder time in math, and reads above grade level. His teacher and I were surprised at the results, as he had been nominated for the gifted program, then we get these results! Does anyone have any ideas???

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Posted:Mar 21, 2008 4:01:53 PM

Post your scores at http://millermom.proboards107.com/index.cgi?board=Education

there are some parents there we can explain to you why there is a drop. It could well be the age and expectations between the years it is done.

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