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NVLD in college, what helps you to learn math?

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Posted Mar 21, 2008 at 2:48:50 PM
Subject: NVLD in college, what helps you to learn math?

Hi everybody,
I have just been diagnosed with NVLD. All of the learning disability coordinators at my college say there is money available to me now, for things I need. Math in physics and statistics is the bane of my academic existence right now. I can usually get a math question right if I dictate to another person what they should do, but if I have to write the steps myself and then solve the problem, I get it wrong over and over again. Even when somebody writes out the steps and rearranges/simplifies all the equations I need to use, it'll still take me 10 tries to get the darn thing right and I won't have any idea what made the question right on the 10th try and not the 3rd. Do you think a talking calculator would help me? I'm not sure if hearing the numbers out loud while I processed them would make a difference. Are there any other technologies or strategies you use to pass math courses? Thanks!

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