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Math for nld student

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Posted Mar 28, 2008 at 9:06:43 AM
Subject: Math for nld student

My son has nonverbal learning disorder and is in the second grade. He has been getting D's on all his math assignments. However, when he does the same type of problems at home for homework, he has no problem doing the work and usually gets them all correct. The school has just tested him in math to see where he is at. He tested right where he should be for his grade. Does anyone have any ideas what might be occuring in a classroom environment that would cause him to fail assignments that he knows how to do?

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Posted:Apr 03, 2008 9:03:28 AM

Does your son have processing speed issues? Maybe he takes more time to do things at home, and as a result gets the math right. I know I have to take a long time to do math. Also, I am much better if I can speak the math aloud. When at home does your son talk through the problems either to himself or you? At school, the students are probably told to be quiet and work on their math. Good luck to him!

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