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Posted Apr 05, 2008 at 10:13:45 PM
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I am new to the board and am excited to be here. My oldest son, 10, was diagnosed with adhd, tourette's, specific LD and anxiety. I homeschool him for various reasons, one of which until the 2nd grade, he had not mastered basic math facts. He still has yet to. From what I have learned, it sounds that maybe he has dyscalculia. I am not an expert, just a mom doing some research. Is there anyone on this forum that has a similar situation? I am looking for Occ Therapy ideas for him. I have found several individual things, but I was hoping to find something that incompasses all of the symptoms of dyscalculia. We went to the school in our district and all they wanted to do was help with math facts and help him write a story. We already do this at home. They said that we had to enroll him in school in order to "observe" him in a normal school environment, then they could offer more. Arg! Any ideas would help.


Meighan Graham

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Posted:Apr 06, 2008 8:31:14 AM

Hi Meaghan,
I run a forum for dyscalculia, that you might like to have a look at?
Here's a link that will take you to an article on 'Number Sense', which might be relevant?

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