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How frequently can evaluations be done?

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Posted Apr 10, 2008 at 4:42:21 PM
Subject: How frequently can evaluations be done?

We are going into our 3rd IEP meeting for our son later this month. At the review of his initial evaluations and screenings it was revealed that he has ADHD but is also highly gifted. We have the ADHD under control but occasionally we get feedback from teachers that he is inattentive when doing tasks that he is not fond of. I'm wondering if this is really due to the ADHD or if it could be boredom. The school psychologist indicated when reviewing his initial assessments 3 years ago that as he had trouble sitting still and attending during the IQ testing that she wondered if he would have scored even higher if on ADHD meds. I've often felt that my son already knows a lot of what he is currently being "taught" at school and if he shows poor performance it is because he generally tends to tune out when bored or feels something is not worth his attention. I don't feel prepared to request more attention to gifted education in his IEP unless I have something to back it up. As he has not been tested since spring of 2006 can we request that he be re-evaluated?

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Posted:Apr 10, 2008 8:34:02 PM

Yes, you can request re-eval at this time due to a change in status (medicated vs unmedicated. Re-evals are typically done every 3 years but can be redone more often if circumstances change significantly.

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