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A child who freezes in fear during math- has anyone seen?

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Posted Apr 11, 2008 at 3:56:46 PM
Subject: A child who freezes in fear during math- has anyone seen?

I have an 11 year old daughter who was recently classified because of severe math deficits. The child is fine in every other subject except is showing weakness now in science. Her language vocab is in the 99% she tests very high on everything except when related to math. She is slow to produce work and gets 1.5 testing time accomodation. She gets resource room for math and nothing else. She is extremely disorganized. The one thing I wondered if anyone has seen is a child who becomes paralyzed with fear when a difficult math problem or page is introduced. The teachers tell me she literally freezes and becomes fearful. I have not seen this but when we do math at home, she is in her comfort zone.
Otherwise, she is a normal 11 year old female who is sweet with a twist of attitude and appears to have no other issues except for some bullying that goes on in school which does not seem to phase her anymore since
she has become conditioned to bullying.
Any thoughts about the freezing in school?


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Posted:Apr 11, 2008 7:11:35 PM

My dd used to do that. She had really severe math anxiety because she was frustrated. She had a lot of difficulty with basic math facts. I taught her TouchMath in about 5 minutes and from that point on she had a lot less trouble with math. However, she also has test anxiety and has difficulty taking ANY test.

I would first work on the math issues by finding something that really helps her.

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